Friday, October 29, 2010

Violin clef (Treble clef) - tutorials

This is continuation of article Violin clef / Treble clef (knot). I am interested in shibari art alias nawa-shibari. That is a reason why I write an article which describes how we can use rope for decorative purposes on human body.

My first article is about violin clef knot alias treble clef knot and his variations. 9 usefull knots used instead The Munder Hitch.

Article contains:
1) Violin clef / Treble clef (knot) - start here!
2) Violin clef (Treble clef) variations: Descriptions
3) Violin clef (Treble clef) - tutorials
4) Violin clef - conclusion


measure of positive valuation; positive

"too much" or negative part of valuation; negative

green - my favorite
violet - problematic knot which misses usefulness

OVER - we cross the rope over, at start and when basic pattern is ready.
UNDER - we cross the rope under, at start and when basic pattern is ready.
COMBI  - I have combinated both under and over and under variation. At start we cross over. When we have basic pattern then we give it under main rope.

DIRECT - we go directly to hole (bight)
TWISTED - we go to the hole from opposite site. In the other case we need to make a twist of bight to get loop there.
TWISTED L - make a twist by left turn
TWISTED R - make a twist by right turn

single - we do one wrap
double - we do two wraps. The second wrap is decorative.


Knot like UNDER DIRECT single is possible to use to tie a single fast bight (something like yu loop but single bight)

Starting tutorials

Starting tutorials reflect how to start binding these knots.

Harpers Crossing hitch from Munter hitch

Just pull through.

Original Violin clef knot - OVER single DIRECT


OVER single TWISTED to left

If you make default twist to left then you got this shit:

OVER single TWISTED to right

This is correct right twist

OVER TWISTED single (side rope)



UNDER double TWISTED (side rope to left)

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