Sunday, July 3, 2011

Animations of bones, blood vessels and nerves

The animations are accessible here:

Radial nerve location & animation (For TK2 & TK3 takate kote

(The article is published for short time only, because the images used in animations are taken from demonstration video, not from licensed program. If you found this animations beneficial to you, you should save them in your computer.)

Now you can watch this site to study if you are interested:

Main bones of upper limbs

Main bones of lower limbs

You can click on right to see more details about the specific bone.

This tutorial is really great! Just click on "Deltoid" and then click and drag scroll-bar!
Muscles of upper limb (that act on arm)

Muscles of upper limb (that act on forearm)

You can also click the blue links "flexes", "medially rotate" and "adduct" to get the limb movement!

Muscles of lower limb (that act on posterior thigh - Femur)

Muscles of lower limb (that act on Tibia & Fibula)

Arteries - click on the links on right to see where is certain artery
Note: The deep artery of the arm / "deep brachial" is properly called arteria profunda brachii.

And Veins:

Main nerves of limbs

 Click on right side on number 2 to see lower limbs:

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