Saturday, December 17, 2011

I want to say hello

I want to say hello to all visitors, I'm glad you're going here. It gives me good feeling, when I know, the blog and work I have done has sense. Especially thanks to the visitors, who persist often going here. Since begin of November till today this blog has next 2000 unique visits. Just for interest, here are people from London and Nottingham (UK), Greensboro (North Carolina), Zeewolde (Netherlands), Santander (Spain), Vienna (Austria) and others. I still hope, that the sense of this blog will be fulfilled if visitors, who has learned something from here and maybe found their own way how to use rope, will come to bondage forum to share their experiences (or to learn more)... But the best thing would be to know if you had have some problems, difficulties to understand my tutorials and if you could to share your new ideas, your own techniques with others. Especially photos or descriptions of procedures - how you do it... I hope you will keep continue going here and will enjoy Christmas!

Good luck!

Johny the Rigger

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