Sunday, November 11, 2012

Announcements (to be updated time to time)

My knot and bindings was renamed to My knots and ties. I hope this will keep you to remember name of this blog.

New visits record

The record of visits has been broken. At november 15th 2012 this blog reached over 4000 unique visits per week. Great! Thanks for your interest!

Dummy join failture

I found that one of dummy's knee joins failed. Maybe it happened during suspension training. I would like to buy metal hinges to fix problems with knees. Read more in article update:

Making a figurine - part II - lower limbs

New joins, hinges for knees

Making a figurine - part II - lower limbs

Dummy leg problem during suspension

If you plan to do dummy like I have, you can find the biggest problem with legs, because they are relatively heavy. If you don't want they to disconnect from body, you will need to fix upper limb joins (shoulders) to lower limb joins (hips). I used metal rope, thin cca 2mm. If you will suspend your figurine (it's better to work with it when it is suspended), you must suspend it in vertical postion, the main line goes from neck (shoulders join) to spine (metal rope) top hips (bottom of pelvis - hips joins). This make one firm line, which is possible to suspend.

If you would like to do suspension, like vertical suspension, you must not forget to connect the main supporting line (neck line - spinal line), otherwise your legs can fail in hips and can damage your dummy.

If you would like to do face down suspension or similar, where body is in horizontal position, then you must be very careful on the lower limbs. Because here you did not suspend the main vertical line ("spinal" rope), so the legs are not lifted up - so there is missing the force pressing the legs upwards to pelvis. The force goes opposite direction: either downwards or backwards...

As I said, I plan to do a plan and schema to make dummy, but this will take some time, because the scheme is not finished and I don't have time right now to do it.

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You may find here a lot of Japanese bondage tutorials, much of them are advanced techniques based on takate kote tutorial tie. To start, you could read about Sharing conditions which are effective almost for every tutorial on this blog. Then you could follow the Takate Kote tutorials or use Navigation! reference in top left of the blog. You also can use the tag, on right side of the blog. If you have no partner, you can find interesting to create your own bondage bunny from dummy made of towels and dress and binded firmly with a strings. Or if you are good you can make your own dummy according this article: How to make a figurine from a mattress. Then you will find, that practising makes you growing, and it starts to be fun after some time. You will see that it is satisfactory when you can do the things, which looked so hard and professional. But indeed, it is not so hard. All you need is to have patience at the begin of every tutorial, which needs some time to understand, time to try it again, again and once more again, till you understand the principle of the tie. Yes, it takes for example hour or two to get it, but in the moment, when you understand the substance of the article, you find it more easy and even maybe quick to tie. Some ties are for 5 or 10 minutes and some are for 20 or 25 minutes. But learning is slow process, so you need a will and patience. This is the key to success. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and it will help you to make you own Japanese bondage ties! Good luck!

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