Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My first 5mm rope, created from hemp

This is my hemp rope, which I have done from 3 strands. These two pieces have only 2 and 3 meters. They were fuzzy in natural state, but I had burned the fuzz so they look better now. I had also to wash them and try to get better look (however not washed on the photo).

When I measured it, first I thought it is 4mm, but when I washed it and dried, it looks like 5mm now. It is made from cca 2-2,5 mm cords.

I used different count of twist for those ropes. So one (at the bottom) is a little bit less tight, the second it slightly better.

Purpose of its creation is hair bondage.

I would like to make and sell ropes in future. The prices will be cheaper then in usual online shops. If you would like to buy some of my rope later (3 strands rope, jute or 4 strands rope/jute or any other natural fiber, you should tell me before. I don't own workshop so twisting I will do out (good weather needed), ordering material, burning, washing and drying, all takes days. I could do ropes for you if you pay some deposit to me.

I can start making a rope if you order at least 42 m of rope. If you yet would like to cut it, it would get 5,25 ropes 8m long (without ending knots).

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