Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's new

1) Superkarada articles mistake.  I found a mistake in the articles, where I have written, that the upper cinches must be as tight as possible! Big sorry for that, there should be they must be free. I hope it was clear or at least confusing) from the text bellow (where I write make them free).

2) My new fresh experience to Superkarada v4, side ropes - there is not possible to use the munter hitch variation. I think it is not possible, so don't try this variant, it would make you problems. Not possible to get right tension on it. You need at least cca 2m of rope to have reserve from the middle of the rope.

3) In any complicated tie as Superkarada, pls make all cinches free. Middle wraps too tight (v4), if you make it tighter. The Superkarada is complicated at back, in two places where all ropes are crossing. Lower back and area of boola boola.

4) Some photos of Takate Kote and Superkarada v4 will come soon, mainly to my blog pseudo-shibari.

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