Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back here

Back after long time. I did not do any bondage pretty long. I don't take into consideration one man which wanted to be tied for money.I have decided to sell my ropes, the ropes which I have made by myself, the twisted jute ropes. I have no mate to bondage so this is the reason. The cute girl who you can see on my Pseudo Shibari blog looked like she has some problems so could not continue with me. Now I checked few images with her, the images of our work which we did. The images on my second blog Bondage Tutorials for Beginners, and I was pretty shocked. I thought wow, that's pretty beautiful, shes so cute and sexy! I didn't think about it that much, I always was much interested about perfection of my work, about details and technical aspect of the matter. But she is pretty sexy, huh? I wish I could tie another girl but no opportunity. So I am going to sell the ropes, but actually it is not so simple to sell them for good price. It costed a lot of work, hand work and time, so nobody would want to spend the 8m rope for two dollars, huh? I spent maybe two weeks to finish cca 20 pieces. So now I have two bags of ropes, in one bag there are ropes which were never used and the second bag contains ropes used only once. And I would like to sell for 230-250 CZK (10$) for 8m conditioned 6mm twisted jute.


  1. Do you still have your rope if so how much in US denomination?

    1. Sorry for delay. I don't use this blog anymore. I sold the ropes in summer 2016. I sold 6 pieces for 840 CZK. It was pretty cheap because I could not find anybody to buy. But I got back money which I invested.