Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is this blog about

These days I prepare new demonstration of my ties. You will find here especially Water Caltrop and Superkarada ties (tell me if you have different names for this ties). My target is to find how to bind some more complicated ties and to share this ties with others riggers. I'd be glad if this ties would help you to improve your skills. Even if you would find some variations, please share with me, we can help each other.

This is Jonny, my old bunny:

How to tie this see superkarada tutorial

Advantages of figurine
I use a figurine on most of my ties, therefor please excuse lesser aesthetic.Tying a figurine has a few advantages. It saves much of your time, when your bunny has no time, is tired or is not by you... Also has better endurance. You can make ties whole day and your bunny (see - figurine) will not get tired. Even you don't need to untie it if you are tired or want to go away for lunch. Your "bunny" is not fed up of trying still the similar procedures... Disadvantages are, a figurine doesn't speak and cannot tell you about feelings, pressures, blood circulation problems, etc.

If you find this demonstration beneficial to you and enriching your skills please share with me if you will find some other variations of this ties or something new to me. I speak about nawa-shibari or neo-shibari technics - more complicated ones. My email is karada-shinju --/and/-- and I would like to learn more body dresses like that. I'd like to build more demonstrations so you can contribute with your experiences.

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