About this blog

This blog serves for several purposes:

1) Presentation of my ties (see the name of blog) and how I did them.

2) My notes to my ties and knots. This notes serves in my learning process and I hope in sharing information with other people interested in Japanese style techniques. I want to learn.

3) This site is more likely devoted to more complicated ties or blocks. But I think the level is not so high as you should expect from shibari master (which I am not). So sure, my ties can have some mistakes, but I will work on them later and I will try to make improve them later. Many of ties presented here are just my ideas, but some things was learned from internet tutorials. I don't have a receipt for perfection.

4) I hope this blog will make a joy for those who look for Japanese bondage tutorials and they will learn something. Even if you want to learn more or if you want to learn better, buy some books, search internet for teachers or workshops.

5) Remember: All ties can be dangerous if you behave irresponsible. If you tied somebody hands or even legs or you restrict persons movement, this could be dangerous because person could fall and serious injury could happen to her/him. Always stay with your partner, don't expose him or her to such risks. Also be sure not to make too tight ties which could cause serious restriction of blood circulation of your partner. Finally, most of the ties were tied on figurine and I recommend to you to do so too. You take your own responsibility if you make your ties too tight. Be very careful if you start binding a human partner and speak with him about how he feels. Search ad read good quality information about bondage safety. This blog gives description and explanation how I did some ties, no how dangerous it could be on human. This is subject of my research in future in real life bondage.

6) you can always write a comment so if you see that something is missing or if it is not simple to understand. You can contact me. This is important, please make feedback.