Monday, January 7, 2013

Radial nerve schemas I.

Important note: This post is not finished. I have also images of male, where I would like to draw humerus, deltoid and radial nerve.

I have draw this schemas, which could not be 100% exact. This for illustration and it is based on inspection of muscles of the models I tied. I did not have any medical scans to be exact for radial nerve location. This drawings was again good training for my memory and orientation. Do you know what? I had a problem to find how the humerus should look in this position, commonly with ulna bone. I find out, there is one good point to start with. In a normal position, that is the normal position where medical pictures are usual, your elbow is at back, your palm is open to forward of you. As painters are used to make their sketches, some of them start with joint having shape like a cube. This is exactly case of posterior side of elbow (elbow viewed from back). You see 3 points, like 3 vertexes of cube. The last vertex is invisible and is orientated upwards. Just imagine a cube on a back side of elbow. This is a good starting point.

Normally, the posterior side of humerus (and elbow) is located at back. In takate kote alias box tie position, you have it placed to side. That is cca 90° rotation. Remember, what we are viewing, it is posterior view. This is that we often see when we check the position of wraps on riggers photos.

However, when you tie takate kote, and you stay behind back of your bunny, you see the interior side of the arm (arm = brachium, lat.).

My estimation of Radial nerve on Esinem's body

With permission of Esinem I publish this scheme which I made based on the muscles visible on the photo.

Yet I add the original photo of Esinem: