A rule of receiving
Please remember that on this blog is a rule: receive but give! You can learn here free from all Japanese ties demonstrations but I hope that one day when you will get improve enough you will come back (here or on other site on internet) and you will share your experience and skills. Share to discuss, share to learn. Because together is much more simple to learn and much more far we can go.

My target is to find how to tie some more complicated ties and to share this ties with others riggers. I'd be glad if this ties would help you to improve your skills. Even if you would find some variations, please share with me, we can help each other.
If you find some tie beneficial to you and enriching your skills please share with me your variations or publish your own tutorial. 
Contact to me
My email is or: i dot love dot bondage at  and I (and other fans of shibari) would like to learn more body dresses and different Japanese ties. I'd like to build more demonstrations of my ties in future. So you can contribute with your experiences. If you would like see here more ties inspired in Japanese bondage then contact me. The idea of sharing experience about Japanese bondage is valid everywhere on this blog. 
Creating "tutorials" or "demonstrations"
Creating tie demonstration is not so hard as it can look. All you need is a phone with cam or digital camera. When do your train tie and you think it's good, just make some photos when you untie. To place such demonstration on such place like is very simple and fast. It can take only few hours. General demo has about 35 photos. If you make a longer one, then it can have about 100 or more ... that is harder thing. But even a hundret of photos is not such problem to place here. You can simply set size of thumbnail so if the photo is important you show big thumbnail. And when the photo is less important so you show the little thumbnail. You can place two thumbnails side by side to save space. To create real tutorial, it needs to get experiences in real life not just on dummy and pass on some descriptions that are senseless and clear. I realize that in this my demos are not perfect, but I am going to complete the information as time goes.