Monday, May 30, 2011

My apology - Superkarada

My apology to all who followed instruction at point 3-4 on scheme of Superkarada tie. There was a mistake. If you followed the photo tutorial, you have no problem. I repaired that mistake in order in scheme. Remember to do loops on legs before you do attaching/decorative rope (the rope just under ribcage) which leads towards solar plexus and back.

What's going on...

  1. I have invented a new tie called "Violoncellist". Violist is designed in similar way like the hon-kikkou, so you would need less of rope (cca 6m+2x2m or 4m+3+3m). However I don't have 2m pieces so I will make a tutorial if I will get 2x2m of rope. Violist is dynamic tie where you can move your hands in 4 directions and this moving should stimulates female's model genitals and breasts. I think women will like it!
  2. takate kote ties with 1 , 2 and 3 ropes