Monday, June 27, 2011

Trainning a suspension

Here are some photos from my training a suspension. Only with figurine. Right knee should stay on ground as a support.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New "Pseudo Shibari" blog

Pseudo Shibari blog

I have created new blog called Pseudo Shibari, where I want to show some nice images from out Pseudo shibari session. Pseudo shibari this is how I decided to call my style of rope working. All is explained on page Who is Johny, but this is in Czech language, so you can use Google Translator to translate this to English.

1st article has 4 parts and you can navigate them by this navigation bar:

Which is translated as

Please don't take this photos as good examples of tying, this is more about good look and having fun then about making real suspension bandage. There is also a fatal mistake on TK3 (if you followed TK3 article, so you know where the mistake is).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To all visitors: Important about this blog

("About this blog" article updated, please read point 5 - about your responsibility to bondage safety)

to all visitors that like on-line bondage tutorials (Japanese bondage tutorials). I call it tutorials, but they are rather photosets to explain my ties. If you are interested about some of my ties you can simply view the "photo history" of the tie and learn to understand my technique. Even if I say "learn", this doesn't mean I am gonna teach you. I am not teacher but just a laic. And I also don't accept any own students.

I am beginner at real life Japanese bondage so I will try to test the ties on living models and will make my notes to the articles/tutorials.

My tutorials are not perfect. I tried to capture the ties which I tie. And often happens I do many new ties and have no time to describe them in detail. But I can try to make them more understandable in future (if you will make some feedback).

Note that some articles are published in series. For example Water Caltrop (WC) tutorials: You should start from first tutorial (but in this case there is one exception for the simplest WC tie). If you learned the first WC tie, you can use a scheme to do it without the photos (I hope this helps to do it faster). The scheme is to describe main parts of tie or its basic thoughts but not to describe it.

There is set of hojojutsu inspired ties and you should start from first tutorial, because that explains basics. Also you should watch on other tutorials how to tie some hojo knots. Now I tend to say hojo ties instead hojojutsu inspired ties, because it is shorter.

I think that the most simplest ties/variations are hon-kikkou ties and matanawa. I will publish new matanawa ties soon.

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